About Our Service

www.99dayspaisa.comis an online platform where we act as mediators to help borrowers and financers create their profiles. Also, this is where borrowers and financers meet, the borrowers get help from the financers willing to give capital for their needs. We offer distinctive kind of loans right from personal loans to portion loans and many more. We have planned to get inventive thoughts to front line innovation for making a small contribution towards changing the Indian monetary area.

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Some Short Answer

This is something that you would need to commonly choose to suit your requirements and adequate to the proposed financer in the most ideal way. It can be a week or can be few years depending entirely on you and your financer.

Certainly we can, to make our clients secured here’s our address,
Tove Infotainment Private Limited
EktaChawl, RupadeviPada,
No.2, Road no. 33, Indira Nagar,
Wagle Estate, Thane,
Maharashtra, India, 400604.
Please make a note, personal visits to the office will not be entertained under any circumstances. Please feel free to send all your queries or concerns to 99dayspaisa@gmail.com or you can also reach us on our customer care number 8655050545, which you can find on our website as well.

Definitely, before anything it would be ideal if you enlist yourself as a lender on our website, please also know that there are no initiation fees for the person who is willing to lend, likewise also take a note that getting every single lawful authorization and statutory pre-requisites will be your duty, we as an organization won’t be considered in charge of any omission, disregard or any kind of illicit exchanges at any point in time.

Yes there is an initial fee, which is known as a registration fees, the mount you would need to pay is Rs.999/- which is only for borrowers and is valid for 99 days and after which your profile will be noticeable to the financers looking to invest and vice versa. They may contact you to settle the terms and conditions, also you have an option to hunt and contact dynamic profiles of financers from your inquiry portal which will be accessible after the payment is made.

Unfortunately, the initiation fees that you pay aren’t refundable or transferrable because it’s an amount which is used for our website maintenance and your registration which remains active for 99 days.

Looking and finding for the appropriate, genuine and perfect borrower will be your work as we aren’t doing that on your behalf. We are here to just enact the look module for a profile on accepting the activation expenses.

No, we don’t have any office in any cities, states and also no authorized agents assigned.

It entirely depends on the private finance company, Financers, Banks, Bank agents and sub-agents you choose or who chooses your profile.

This is a website built so the bankers and borrowers can meet, we act as mediators allowing our financers and borrowers to create their profile and meet each other. This is available for just Rs.999/- which is applicable for 99 days, hence the website.