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www.99dayspaisa.com is an online platform where we act as mediators to help borrowers and financers create their profiles. Also, this is where borrowers and financers meet, the borrowers get help from the financers willing to give capital for their needs. We offer distinctive kind of loans right from personal loans to portion loans and many more. We have planned to get inventive thoughts to front line innovation for making a small contribution towards changing the Indian monetary area.

Our essential inspiration is to bring borrowers and financers to come together to shape a system of monetary showcasing, we believe that advance start and administration can turn out to be substantially less demanding with an effective and modest money lending process.

We here at www.99dayspaisa.com understand sudden budgetary occasions happen but be rest assured, we are here to find financers who can help you.

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Privacy & Policy

  • www.99dayspaisa.com is a stage to associate, hunt borrowers and financers, this isn’t an immediate passage for a monetary loan. The perspectives interchanged & the financial decisions made between borrower & financer is a private affair, www.99dayspaisa.com won’t be held responsible for any of it.
  • It will be the obligation of the borrower and financer to check laws for budgetary dealings, www.99dayspaisa.com won’t be in charge of any rupture of law by either the borrower, financer or the legislature of that nation. www.99dayspaisa.com would like to mention, the borrowers and financers to please check all the rules, regulations and laws before accepting or giving monetary guide.
  • www.99dayspaisa.com will not be considered in charge of any money related exchanges happening between the borrower and the financer. We won’t ensure any returns of any sums given or taken from either of the parties through us. User discretion advised, www.99dayspaisa.com does not guarantee any loans to any particular profile of people, it’s matching and search platform that takes place between the borrower and financer.
  • It exclusively relies on the discretion of the financer to settle on the borrowers profile and eligibility. You can enrol and enact your profile on our website. We don’t separate between great or terrible borrowers, it is for the financier to choose who they want to lend the money to after checking the profile.
  • www.99dayspaisa.com won’t be obligated for any misfortune/harm occurring due to non-accepting of loans or calls from the financers. The initial expenses aren’t refundable and cannot be transferred as well.